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Bruce Goldman

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The Resume

    (September 28, 1950-April 20, 2010)
    Born in The Bronx, New York
    Co-founder of
    Did contract work in the field of market research

Why he might be annoying:

    He accidentally inhaled cocaine, but never clarified how that 'accidentally' happened.
    He was a huge Howard Stern fan and had an obsession with Lost.
    As a result of a heated debate at the Annoyatorium, he probably wouldn't have been welcome in rural Greene County, Pennsylvania.
    He didn't believe in depression and thought people could cure their depression through positive thinking.
    He would ban Annoyatorium members for short periods of time, then lift the bans.
    He was nicknamed 'The Hammer' because of the way he terrified new profile writers with his bluntness.
    He supported the death penalty because of something he saw on Penn & Teller's Bullshit!.
    He allowed somebody who claimed to be a follower of Fred Phelps to preach fire and brimstone at the forum for several years.
    He still had a valid driver's license at the time of his death even though he was 'legally blind' and hadn't driven a car in 40 years.
    His standards for accepting or rejecting borderline profile subjects confused many writers.
    One forum member referred to him as 'Fat Hitler' even though was Jewish.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a firm supporter of free speech and didn't believe in censorship.
    He encouraged the expression of a diverse range of opinions and ideas.
    He allowed writers to profile subjects they were interested in, even if they were obscure (at best) to the general public.
    He forgave forum members even if they did something seriously wrong, such as plagiarizing.
    He loved arguing with (and mocking) anybody who sent him critical, negative or unpleasant messages about
    Despite his age, he took time to argue with teenagers and twenty somethings on an internet messageboard (The Annoyatorium).
    He developed strong friendships with many of his neighbors in The Bronx.
    He loaned money to friends without expecting them to pay interest or do any other favors in return.
    He claimed he 'entertained millions' with his pornography collection.
    He graduated Lehman College.
    He was dearly loved, and is deeply missed, by all of his friends at the Annoyatorium.

Credit: The Annoyatorium

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