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The Judy Garland Show

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 29, 1963-March 29, 1964)
    Musical Variety series
    Hosted by Judy Garland
    Aired on CBS
    Renamed 'Judy Garland In Concert' for its last six episodes

Why The Judy Garland Show might be annoying:

    It played heavily to Judy's core fanbase, but other than that? Shrug.
    It went through three different producers over the course of just 26 episodes.
    It started as a comedy-variety series but switched to an almost purely concert format.
    Judy briefly had Jerry Van Dyke for a sidekick, but he was ditched after critics singled him out as the show's weak link.
    Judy could get handsy with her guests to the point where CBS execs had to admonish her to stop because viewers were complaining about it too much.
    Judy was several hundred thousand dollars in debt to the IRS when she agreed to do the show. Its cancellation basically sealed her fate financially.
    It sometimes served as a soapbox for Judy to throw pity parties, usually involving her various grudges in Hollywood.
    For example, one show had her regale the audience with the story of her losing the Best Actress Oscar to Grace Kelly while still in a hospital bed after giving birth and recounting getting ditched by a TV camera crew afterward.

Why The Judy Garland Show might not be annoying:

    It was critically acclaimed.
    It featured some of Judy's greatest musical performances ever recorded.
    It was pitted against NBC's Bonanza, then the second most popular program on television and putting it at a disadvantage.
    Despite its short run, it was nominated for four Emmy Awards, including Best Variety Series.
    Judy's three kids made appearances in several of the show's musical numbers.
    Judy was in a relationship with Glenn Ford during its run, and Ford would sit in the front row at tapings to support her.
    It was progressive in that it didn't just feature black performers like Lena Horne or Diahann Carroll, but also allowed them to perform with and alongside Judy herself as an equal.
    TV Guide included it in its 2013 list of 60 shows that were Cancelled Too Soon.
    It is now revered and considered an important piece of television history.

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