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Michael Lang

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The Resume

    (December 11, 1944-January 8, 2022)
    Born in Brooklyn, New York
    Co-creator and organizer for Woodstock Music & Art Festival (1969)
    Organized follow-up events Woodstock '94 and Woodstock '99
    Co-wrote 'The Road to Woodstock: From the Man Behind the Legendary Festival' (2009)
    'Portrayed by Jonathan Groff in Ang Lee's 'Taking Woodstock' (2009)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He wore the same close-cropped perm hairstyle his whole life.
    He organized the ill-fated Woodstock '99 which made news for all the wrong reasons (violence and vandalism from the audience, reports of sexual assault, and accusations of commercialism).
    He tried and failed to organize a Woodstock 50 anniversary concert in 2019.
    His biggest obstacles were apparently getting permits from local authorities and his financial backers ultimately pulling their support, setting off lawsuits.
    He later said of the experience: 'It was just one bizarre thing after another, but I definitely feel lighter.'
    He called the inauguration of Barack Obama 'Washington's Woodstock.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a sculptor.
    He dropped out of New York University and opened a successful head shop.
    The first multi-artist event he organized was the 1968 Miami Pop Festival, which featured Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa.
    He owned and operated Just Sunshine Records, which produced and released more than 40 albums.
    He managed the career of Joe Cocker, with whom he had a 20 year working relationship.
    He made an appearance in Cocker's 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' music video as a Trumpet player.
    Woodstock became one of the most impactful events in music history, drawing some 400,000 people.
    He later said of Woodstock: 'It wasn’t just entertainment; it was more about the social issues. They were part of our generation... [it] offered an environment for people to express their better selves, if you will. Give them that, and it seems to work. It was probably the most peaceful event of its kind in history.'

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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