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Miami Dolphins

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The Resume

    (March 3, 1965- )
    Located in Miami Gardens, Florida
    Two Super Bowl championships (VII, VIII)
    Three retired numbers: Bob Griese's #12, Dan Marino's #13 and Larry Csonka's #39
    Only perfect season in pro-football history (1972)

Why they might be annoying:

    They went 0-9 (including 4 losses in pre-season) before winning their first game.
    Although they were undefeated in ‘72, their season was one of the easiest schedules ever.
    They went nine consecutive years without winning a single playoff game after their two Super Bowl victories.
    Despite having one of the greatest quarterbacks, Dan Marino, for his entire career, never won them a Super Bowl.
    Don Shula became the all-time losingest coach in NFL history as a Dolphin.
    Since the mid 90's they are notorious for starting strong and choking by the end of the season.
    In Dan Marino and coach Jimmy Johnson’s last games ever, they lost 62-7 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    They has a live dolphin in a pool on the sidelines that would do tricks when the Dolphins' scored.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They are the AFL’s first expansion franchise.
    They set the AFL single game crowd record (68,125) in their third season.
    Dolphin's Don Shula became the first NFL coach to win 100 regular-season games in 10 seasons.
    They are the only team in NFL history to go undefeated in a season (1972).
    They won back-to-back Super Bowl’s (1972, 73).
    They ruined Chicago Bears attempt for a perfect winning season in 1985-86.
    Don Shula became the NFL’s winningest coach as a Dolphin.
    They have great rivalries with the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and the New England Patriots.
    Eight Dolphins are in the Hall of Fame.

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