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Dorothy Mitchum

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The Resume

    (May 2, 1919-April 12, 2014)
    Born in Camden, Delaware
    Birth name was Dorothy Clements Spence
    Appeared in 'The Big Steal'
    Wife of Robert Mitchum (married March 16, 1940)

Why she might be annoying:

    She wrote horoscopes for a living.
    She first met Bob when she was 13, while courting his younger brother Jack.
    During a 1971 appearance on The Dick Cavett Show, when asked about his love life, he said 'my wife rather frowns on any dalliance with anyone else' - repeatedly scratching his face with his middle finger while saying it (make of that what you will).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She had a lifelong interest in astrology.
    She and her husband allegedly discovered Elvis.
    She stood by her husband through several high-profile legal and public relations scrapes, including his 1948 arrest for marijuana possession.
    She urged her reluctant husband to undergo radiation treatment after his lung cancer diagnosis, but it was too late (he died later that year).
    She was a founding member of Share Happily And Reap Endlessly, a charitable organization that benefited the mentally challenged.

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