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The Resume

    (August 1, 1981- )
    Originated the Music TV channel
    Most watched music channel
    Produce their own movie and music awards
    MTV2 premiered on their 15th anniversary (August 1, 1996)
    Created the occupation of VeeJay
    Developed by Robert Pittman

Why MTV might be annoying:

    They show crappy boy band videos.
    Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley had their extremely uncomfortable kiss on MTV (September 8, 1994).
    They employed Downtown Julie Brown, Daisy Fuentes and Carson Daly.
    They made a crappy halftime show for the 2001 Super Bowl.
    They used to show a lot of music videos, now they air reality tv shows.
    They dictate the mainstream music scene, always favoring formulated gimmick pop.
    When bands make it to MTV, they are often considered by the hardcore fans as sellouts.
    They have their own movie awards, yet they are a music television channel.
    They produce movies (Joe's Apartment).

Why MTV might not be annoying:

    Howard Stern appeared as Fartman on the MTV Awards (September 9, 1992).
    Their revolutionary annual MTV awards were hosted by Bette Midler & Dan Aykroyd (September 14, 1984).
    They aired Beavis and Butthead.
    They where the first channel originally dedicated to showing music videos.
    They show Britney Spears videos.
    They helped reject bands become famous and make money.
    They have the liveliest music award ceremony.
    They have been so successful, that they spawn more music channels.(Vh1, MTV2, etc.)
    They help the music industry make more money.

Credit: El Profe

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