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VeeKay the Clown

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The Resume

    (November 13, 1954- )
    Birth Name is Diego Barquinero
    Starred on 'The Nick Cannon Show,' 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers,' 'Star Trek,' and 'MTV - Dismissed.' Also starred on 'Primera Edicion,' 'Agrandaditos,' 'De Mañanita,' 'El Club De Los Tigritos,' 'La Feria De Los Niños,' and 'Fiesta Broadway'
    Appeared on 'The Sally Jesse Raphael Show,' 'The Dr. Joy Brown Show,' 'El Castillo De Los Monstruos' and in promotional segments for the TeleNovelas 'Carita De Angel,' 'Complices Al Rescate' and 'Vivan Los Niños'

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a mime.
    He has been hit by spectators, but remained silent through the attacks.
    He sings theme songs off key from favorite telenovelas.
    He sometimes uses the name 'Dieguin Penguin.'
    He was a sideshow freak.
    He appeared on the dating game.
    He dresses in a ZootSuit.
    He dances even when there is no music.
    He is a Trekker.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He grew up as a sideshow performer known as 'The Wild Boy' and 'The Rubber Boy.'
    He is a member of the Wolf People (people born with Hypertrichosis).
    He went from being a sideshow performer to being a clown/actor.
    He entertains at hospitals, convalescent hospitals and special homes for the disabled.
    He is fluent in Sign Language, Spanish, Castillian and English.
    He is a promotional clown for 'Circus Vargas.'
    He is a 'Pachuco Clown,' a 'Hula Clown,' a 'Rodeo Clown,' a 'Pow Wow Clown' and a 'Salsa Clown.'
    Fans enjoy his friendliness and willingness to stop and talk to them.
    He is a member of the Acjachemen Tribe of Californian Indians.

Credit: Dieguin

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