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Battle Creek, Michigan

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The Resume

    (1831- )
    Population (city): 51,247 (2018 estimate)
    Population (metro area): 136,146 (2010 census)
    Home of John Harvey Kellogg’s Battle Creek Sanitarium
    Location of the first Seventh Day Adventist church

Why Battle Creek, Michigan might be annoying:

    The ‘battle’ that gave the place its name: a surveyor shot and wounded a Potawatomie Indian who was allegedly stealing food. (Then again, ‘Winged A Starving Native American Creek’ doesn’t roll off the tongue too easily.)
    Boxer Jack Johnson was arrested here for violating the Mann Act by crossing state lines with his white wife (1913).
    Into the 1960s, most of its houses had covenants banning their sale to non-whites.

Why Battle Creek, Michigan might not be annoying:

    It was a stop on the Underground Railway, and was chosen as a home by Sojourner Truth after her escape from slavery.
    It is nicknamed ‘Cereal City,’ as Kellogg’s and Post had their main factories here.
    It was the first US city to install wheelchair ramps in its sidewalks.
    It annually hosts the state high school championships in baseball, softball, volleyball, and wrestling.

Credit: C. Fishel

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