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Yolanda King

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The Resume

Why she might be annoying:

    Her nickname was 'Yoki'.
    At age two months, while at home with her mother, her home was bombed during the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott (January 30, 1956).
    Her early experiences with racism included being banned from an amusement park before age five and enduring slurs while attending a previously all-white elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Her father survived a stabbing during her childhood (1958) before he was assassinated when she was twelve years old (April 4, 1968).
    Within six years of her father's death, she lost her paternal uncle to drowning and her paternal grandmother was murdered while attending church.
    Due to her family and social status, she was pressured to have a prim and proper presence in public.
    As an adolescent, her acting role in a production as a prostitute who kisses a white man caused controversy, and her pastor grandfather refused to attend the play.
    Shortly before her heart condition-related death, she spoke at an event for the American Heart Association and was producing a play which focused on death.
    A photograph of a woman's body in a mortuary that was falsely identified as Yolanda King circulated the Internet.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She survived her home's bombing and other racially motivated attacks without physical injury.
    Some of her favorite memories regarded her relationships with her parents.
    Unlike her father, there was not much public speculation regarding her personal morality and integrity.
    She began her human rights activism during childhood by participating in marches and public events, including a special appearance with her family four days after her father's assassination.
    She wrote her first play at age eight.
    She took acting classes from the parents of Julia Roberts and Eric Roberts.
    She stated that acting helped to channel her grief over her father's murder and gave her freedom of personal expression.
    She applied her activism in various acting roles, including roles in biographical movies about her father and potrayals of Rosa Parks and Betty Shabazz.
    She founded a dramatic group with Malcolm X's daughter Atallah Shabazz, and she also founded the humanitarian theatrical production company Higher Ground Productions.
    Her books and motivational speeches often emphasized diversity and nonviolence.

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