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The Resume

    (1989- )
    Formed in Dallas, Texas
    Martie Erwin Seidel Maguire (October 12, 1969- )
    Emily Erwin Robison (August 16, 1972- )
    Natalie Maines-Pasdar (October 14, 1974- )
    Laura Lynch
    Robin Lynn Macy
    Recorded 'I'm Not Ready to Make Nice!,' 'Wide Open Spaces,' 'Thank Heavens for Dale Evans' and 'Fly'
    Won the Academy of Country Music Award and Country Music Association Award (2000)

Why they might be annoying:

    They tattoo chicken feet to their feet for every achievement.
    They just miss being cute.
    They ranked (#10 in 1999) on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dress List.
    Sony sued them for breech of contract, so they counter sued for $4.1 million in royalties (2001).
    They angered their country music fan base, when Natalie Maines said 'Just so you know, we're ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas (March 2003).'
    Natalie apologized a week later but then withdrew the apology.
    Original members Laura Lynch and Robin Lynn Macy were replaced by Natalie Maines-Pasdar

Why they might not be annoying:

    Natalie said 'We'd rather be the rock stars of country than the lame-asses of rock'
    Every so often they will perform impromptu on street corners in Nashville.
    Despite getting a lot of heat, threats and costing them money they refused to back down on their stance against President Bush.
    The posed nude on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.
    They are big Howard Stern fans.

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