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Grace Slick

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The Resume

    (October 30, 1939- )
    Birth name was Grace Barnett Wing
    Lead Singer for Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship

Why she might be annoying:

    She was an alcoholic.
    She is a vegetarian.
    She was a heavy drug user.
    She is the poster child for VH1's Behind The Music.
    She has been divorced several times. On the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, she wore black face and did a Black Panther salute (1968).
    In a late 1960s concert, she called her wealthy audience 'filthy jewels,' which was misinterpreted as 'Jews.'
    She wanted to name her first child God.
    She was kicked out of a White House reception because she brought Abbie Hoffman along as a 'bodyguard' (1970).
    She later admitted that she would have spiked President Nixon's tea with LSD to change his mind on his anti-drug policies.
    She nearly died in a drunk driving accident 4 months after giving birth (1971).
    She was arrested for grabbing on a policeman's uniform after trying to settle an argument between him and the band's road manager (1972).
    She once became ill due to drinking, and Jefferson Starship cancelled a performance in Germany, causing a riot (1978).
    The next day, a concert was taped for German TV, and she blamed the audience for starting World War II and tried to shove her fingers up a fan's nostrils.
    She once pointed an unloaded shotgun at her then boyfriend, and was sentenced to probation. (1994)

Why she might not be annoying:

    Although she was the lead singer, she acknowledge 'The lead singer is usually the biggest asshole in the group.'
    During a rainy outdoors concert in Gaelic Park in the Bronx, she performed topless instead of getting her blouse wet (August 13, 1972).
    She often flashed her breasts at the audience.
    She is an accomplished painter.
    She ranked #20 on VH1's Top 100 Women of Rock & Roll.
    She attended the University of Miami in Florida.

Credit: McFly

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