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Beth Broderick

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The Resume

    (February 24, 1959- )
    Portrayed Dee Dee on 'Hearts Afire,' Delilah on 'The Five Mrs. Buchanans' and Aunt Zelda Spellman on 'Sabrina'
    Appeared in 'Student Affairs,' 'Justice in a Small Town,' 'Bonfires of the Vanity,' 'Slammer Girls,' 'Breast Men,' 'Women Without Implants,' 'Young Nurses in Love' and 'Sex Appeal'

Why she might be annoying:

    She is a redhead who bleaches her hair blonde.
    She criticized co-star, Melissa Joan Hart for getting a belly button ring.
    She is divorced.
    She is clumsy.
    She is a self admitted geek.
    She is an occasional smoker.
    At 42 years old, She dated a 27 year old lawyer.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She founded 'Momentum,' one of the earliest groups to battle AIDS.
    She was a founding member of 'Celebrity Action Council of the City Light Woman's Rehabilitation Program.'
    She went dateless to her prom, and classmates nicknamed her 'dog face.'
    She did a nude scene in 'Bonfires of the Vanity.'
    On her role as Zelda on 'Sabrina,' she said 'I've gotten a few letters from religious zealots who tell me I'm going to go to hell for playing a witch.'
    She is unpretentious.
    She likes wearing mini skirts.
    Despite being a star, she goes into schools in deprived areas to read to students.
    She is a gourmet cook.
    She is against plastic surgery.
    She graduated high school at 16.

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