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William Shatner

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The Resume

    (March 22, 1931- )
    Montreal, Quebec
    Portrayed Captain James T. Kirk on Star Trek
    Acted in 'Kingdom of the Spiders,' 'TJ Hooker,' 'Airplane 2,' 'Rescue 911,' 'National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon I,' 'Miss Congeniality,' 'Free Enterprise' and 'Showtime'
    Wrote the 'Tekwar' series of books
    Pitchman for
    Famed for his singing interpretation of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,' 'Mr. Tambourine Man' and 'No Tears for Caesar'

Why he might be annoying:

    He's hated by most of the people he has ever worked with.
    He's hated by most of the people he hasn't worked with.
    He is twice divorced, once widowed and four times married.
    His ex-wife Marcy Shatner sued him over horse semen. She wanted it freshly cooled and he gave it to her frozen (2003).
    He overacts, accenting his lines with. clipped. dramatic. pauses.
    He directed and co-wrote what is considered the worst Star Trek movie, 'The Final Frontier.'
    He is a vegetarian.
    On 'Battle of the Network Stars,' he called himself 'The Supreme Shat.'
    On a St. Patrick's Day episode of the 'Tonight Show,' he showed up drunk and nearly fell coming onto the stage.
    On an episode of celebrity 'Wheel of Fortune,' he got mad because he was in last place and left after the second round.
    He beat up Jerry Lawler and The Road Dogg on Monday Night Raw, denting their credibility as tough wrestlers.
    He is known to be short and rude to his fans.
    He is incredibly sensitive over accusations that he wears a hairpiece.
    He is accredited with saying 'Beam me up, Scotty!,' but that line is never spoken in Star Trek.
    He is disliked by almost every one of his Star Trek co-stars, particularly George Takei.
    His version of 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' was so bad, it was voted the worst cover of a Beatle's song ever (May 2003).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He always tried to follow the prime directive.
    His third wife Nerine Kidd drowned in their swimming pool. (1999)
    He owns a large horse farm near Lexington, Kentucky.
    After 'Star Trek' was cancelled, his first wife, Gloria Rand, left him.
    Rand took so much of his money that he was forced to live in the back of a pickup truck.
    He speaks fluent French.
    He hosts the 'Hollywood Charity Horseshow' which raises money for children's charities.
    He did public service announcements against drinking and driving.
    His role in 'Free Enterprise' was originally serious. He refused to do the part unless he was rewritten as socially awkward and down to earth.
    He embraces his role as a campy actor.
    You might be rude too if you were mauled by Trekkies everywhere you went.
    He knows Judo.
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    Additional Information Provided By: Bart McQueary

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