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The Resume

    Founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in Mountain View, CA (July 18, 1968)
    Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA
    Produces Bluetooth chipsets, flash memory, microprocessors, motherboard chipsets and network interface cards
    100,000 employees (2011)
    Owns McAfee

Why Intel might be annoying:

    Rather than think of something new, they purchased their company name from another company.
    The company name was originally supposed to be 'Moore Noyce' but it sounded a lot like 'more noise' so they abandoned the idea.
    They were under investigation for violating antitrust laws.
    They were accused of bribery and coercion in a lawsuit filed by the New York District Attorney's office (2009).
    They were the target of an antitrust suit for offering rebates to Japanese PC manufacturers (2005).
    They made an agreement with Dell for them not purchase chips from rival AMD in exchange for rebates. For this Dell was fined $100 million (2010).
    Their attempts to expand beyond superconductors often fail.
    The power of their chips far outpaced software development.
    Everyone who works at the company is forced to sit in a cubicle, even the CEO.
    They laid off 10% of their workforce (2007).

Why Intel might not be annoying:

    They created the world's first commercial microprocessor chip (1971).
    They were able to supply to both IBM and IBM's competitors, making themselves one of the most profitable companies in the world.
    Their 'Intel inside' campaign made them a household name, rare for a components supplier.
    They now supply all Mac products.
    They received a 100% rating from the Corporate Equality Index by the Human Rights Campaign (2002).
    They were named one of 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers by Working Mother Magazine (2005).
    They promote employees from within, with their CEOs almost always having worked at the company for years.
    Their product is mentioned in Weird Al Yankovic's 'It's All About the Pentiums.'
    Chances are your computer has an Intel inside. 84% of computers have their chips (2011).

Credit: D & Captain Howdy

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