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Howard Stern

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King of All Media

The Resume

    (January 12, 1954- )
    Raised in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York
    Afternoon radio show host at WNBC-AM (1982-October 1985)
    Afternoon/Morning radio show host at WXRK (November 18, 1985-December 16, 2005)
    Hosts of Sirius Radio Station 100 (January 9, 2006- )
    Star of 'Private Parts'
    Wrote the books 'Private Parts' and 'Miss America'
    Nominated by the Libertarian party for Governor of New York
    Reportedly an atheist
    Announced as new 'America's Got Talent' judge (December 15, 2011)

Why he might be annoying:

    He has weird eating habits which include counting out a specific number of nuts to eat and completely eating an apple, including seeds, core and label.
    On his radio show, he puts his phone on mute and goofs on callers while they talk.
    He says that he will talk about anything, but he refuses to talk extensively about his separation, children, income, relationships, etc.
    His idea of the perfect woman is a 60 inch bust and 15 inch waist (and loves implants).
    He has tattoos.
    He ranked #1 in 1995 on Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dress List.
    He hooks people up to lie detectors to find out incriminating things.
    Claims to be half Jewish despite being born of both Jewish parents.
    With fear of the F.C.C., Clear Channel stations dumps him from six of their radio markets (February 26, 2004).
    FCC fined his Detroit affiliate $27,500 (March 18, 2004).
    After writing a book and starring in a bio-pic proclaiming his eternal love for his wife, he divorced her.
    He lives with a woman 20 years younger than him.
    His listeners are charged a monthly subsciption fee.
    He hired a full news staff who are expected to fill an hour, daily on just Howard Stern news.
    Despite opposing cosmetic surgery he had a chin reduction and nose job in 1997, which he didn't reveal until January 17, 2006. He lied for nine years, denying he had a nose job.
    Although claiming to be a proponent of free speech he placed a gag order on Opie and Anthony.

Why he might not be annoying:

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