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Astronomical Object
    Planetary system orbiting the star Sol ( Sun )
    First accurately described by Johannes Kepler (17th century)
    Made up primarily of nothing
    Contains a single star and all that orbit around it
    Contains eight known planets
    Over 100 moons (natural satellites, that orbit planets)
    Over 100,000 known minor planets (Asteroids)
    Meteors, Comets, gases, debris and other elements
    Artificial satellites and space debris launched from Earth (Primarily the U.S. and Soviet Union)
    The Sun is on its way to becoming a red giant and will swallow the Earth in 4 billion years.
    It is almost entirely made up of nothing, yet due to gravitational pull things collide.
    If the Sun was a bowling ball, the Earth would be the size of a peppercorn and Pluto would be a half mile away from the bowling ball.
    Because of Bode's Law, scientists speculate that there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter that blew up (or never actually formed) and thus the Asteroids.
    The distance between Pluto and the Sun is forty times greater than the distance between Earth and the Sun.
    How big is the solar system? Well Uranus, the 7th planet, is halfway between the Sun and Pluto.
    But to demonstrate how vast the Universe is, the dark companion of Star Epsilon Aurigae is larger than the Solar System.
    To screw things up, sometimes the former ninth planet, Pluto, is closer to the Sun than the eighth planet, Neptune (1979-99).
    The inner four planets are rocky.
    The outer four planes are large and gaseous.
    Pluto, is an enigma (it is tiny and has an erratic orbit.
    It is questionable if Pluto is really a planet and its relationship with Charon. Pluto was kicked out as a planet (August 24, 2006).
    Some planets have moons that are larger than Pluto or Mercury.
    Some believe that the Moon and Earth are 'double planets' similar to binary stars.
    Jupiter is the largest planet and its mass is three times the other eight planets combined. Yet Saturn, the second largest, planet is the least mass dense.
    The origin of the Solar System has a number of theories.
    It is the major reason for sale of telescopes.
    It is the only known planetary system to support intelligent life.
    The solar system is the stepping stone to the final frontier.
    Religious zealots were disappointed to find that the Earth was just a small ordinary planet in an ordinary solar system in an ordinary galaxy.
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