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Sports Executive

The Resume

    (February 9, 1934-October 25, 2018)
    President of the National Hockey League (1977-92)

Why he might be annoying:

    He began the movement of hockey in Sunbelt cities.
    He upset many Minnesotans when he approved the relocation of the Minnesota North Stars to Dallas, Texas.
    The league went on a 10 day strike under his watch (1992).
    He was a lawyer prior to being appointed NHL President.
    He was forced out as President after the league's owners didn't approve his strategy.
    He was replaced by former NBA executive Gary Bettman.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He kept the NHL's traditional names for conferences and divisions.
    He had a positive track record with the NHLPA and its president Alan Eagleson during his tenure.
    His tenure as NHL president spanned two and a half decades.
    He approved four former WHA franchises (Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec City and Hartford) as NHL expansion franchises.
    He was an excellent negotiator during his tenure.
    He succeeded the legendary Clarence Campbell as NHL President.
    He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame (1987).

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