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Bob Baffert

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Animal Expert

The Resume

    (January 13, 1953- )
    Trained winners Silver Charm (1997 Kentucky Derby, 1997 Preakness Stakes)
    Real Quiet (1998 Kentucky Derby, 1998 Preakness Stakes)
    Point Given (2001 Preakness Stakes, 2001 Belmont Stakes)
    War Emblem (2002 Kentucky Derby, 2002 Preakness Stakes)

Why he might be annoying:

    He married Jill Moss, who is a good 20 years younger than him.
    He is feuding with rival trainer, D. Wayne Lukas.
    He is abusive toward the media.
    He once quit the business to sell veterinarian supplies.
    He failed three times to win the the third jewel of the Triple Crown.
    He charged an appearance fee of 100,000 dollars to have his top horse, War Emblem run the Haskell race in New Jersey.
    He always wears dark black sunglasses.
    He was suspended for 60 days when one of his horses tested positive for morphine (June, 2001).
    He sleeps late and lets others do the dirty work involved in horse training.
    He often argues with his Jockey's publicly.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Despite being in the main circuit for only a few years, he is one of the most successful trainers of all time.
    He trained 3 Triple Crown Candidates.
    He decided to train War Emblem, when many others passed on him because the Horse had 'bone chips.'
    The Haskell race had only five horses, and wouldn't have even drawn a crowd had Baffert not entered War Emblem.
    He donated half of the Haskell appearance fee to charity.
    He wrote an autobiography.
    He sold eggs from his family's farm in Arizona.

Credit: Weatherman

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