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Claudio Castagnoli

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The Resume

    (December 27, 1980- )
    Born in Lucerne, Switzerland
    Appeared in WWE as Antonio Cesaro
    Competed in numerous pro wrestling organizations, most notably the WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment

Why he might be annoying:

    Not much can be found about his alleged impressive rugby career, other than he was banned for being too aggressive.
    He competed in scripted matches, but claimed he liked to surprise opponents with his arsenal of moves.
    He's European but once had the gimmick of being a Tea Party-esque 'Real American.'
    He chose to shave his head when his hairline started to recede.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Wrestling fans respected his old school in-ring style.
    In addition to his native Swiss-German tongue, he speaks German, Italian, French and English.
    He appeared in the critically acclaimed Mickey Rourke film, 'The Wrestler.'
    He has freakishly strong legs and was considered one of the physically strongest wrestlers on the WWE roster.

Credit: Snobby

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