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The Resume

    Starred on 'Tigritos On Line,' 'Hoy Niños,' 'Primera Edicion' and 'Blind Date'
    Guest starred on 'The Nick Cannon Show,' 'All That,' 'De Mañanita,' 'Agrandaditos,' 'El Club De Los Tigritos' and commercials for 'Deutsch Sin Barreras.'
    Appeared on 'The Orange County Fair' and 'Circo De Las Estrellas'
    Wrote poems 'Next to Me I Love You Best' and 'Kitty My Kitty'

Why he might be annoying:

    His name is 'so sue me.'
    He speaks with a fake serious German accent.
    Children and all mortals irritate him.
    He claims he knows it all and if he doesn't know the answer he'll say, 'Sue Me!'
    He looks like a Dutch tourist.
    He always has a bad hair day.
    He doesn't like to be called a clown.
    He claims that Jeri Ryan and Marjorie Flores are madly in love with him.
    He competes with Steve Crawford, of El Club De Los Tigritos fame, for the affection of Marjorie Flores.
    He thinks that next to himself, all women love him.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He visits children's hospitals.
    He comforts terminally ill children.
    He encourages children to stay in school (so that they will stay out of his way).

Credit: Perlita

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