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The Resume

    (December 31, 1963- )
    Birth Name is Salevaa Atisanoe
    First foreign-born Ozeki (champion)
    At 6' and 640 lbs, he was the heaviest sumo champion ever
    Career record of 733 wins against 498 losses, one of the best in sumo history (May 30 1998)

Why he might be annoying:

    He is fat even for a sumo.
    He wasn't a great technical wrestler, relying primarily on pushing and his massive size.
    He has become a singer-rapper, releasing the CD, KMS (Konishiki Master Sumo).
    At eleven, he weighed 180 lbs.
    He married a petite fashion model, Sumika Shiota. Their wedding was so popular that a Japanese TV Station broadcast the two-hour ceremony instead of the Winter Olympics.
    Konishiki became a Japanese citizen in 1994 and changed his name to Yasokichi Shiota.
    Chiyonofuji once lifted Konishiki out of the ring.
    He goes by the presumptuous single name, Konishiki.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Konishiki endured racism in Japan as one of the first gaijin (foreigners) to kick some ass in sumo.
    He was nicknamed 'Dump Truck' and 'Meat Bomb' by Japanese sumo hecklers.
    The Japanese Sumo Association publicly insulted him, refused to promote him to Yokozuna (sumo's highest rank) and stripped him of the name Konishiki after his retirement.
    On his 28th Birthday, Konishiki drank 10 shots of whisky, 10 quarts of tequila and 120 bottles of beer and claims that he 'wasn't even drunk.'
    He was one of the few wrestlers to beat the great Chiyonofuji.
    His Konishiki Kids Foundation does some great charitable work on behalf of children.
    Konishiki is a nice guy.
    Konishiki supports amateur sumo in the United States by attending events like the US Sumo Open.
    Konishiki has the same birth place as Malia Jones
    The original two Yahoo computers were name for Akebono and him.

Credit: SumoBear

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