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Joanna Pacitti

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The Resume

    (October 6, 1984- )
    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Lead singer for City Comma State (2010-11)
    Recorded 'Let it Slide' and 'Watch Me Shine' (2006); Released the album 'This Crazy Life' (2006)
    Competed on Season 8 of American Idol (2009)
    Sang on the soundtracks for 'Bratz: The Movie,' 'Legally Blonde,' and 'Cadet Kelly'
    Winner of the Macy's 20th Anniversary 'Annie' contest (1996)
    Starred in 106 performances of the 'Annie' show's national tour - was replaced by Brittney Kissinger shortly before its Broadway debut
    Appeared on The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Good Morning America, and Sally Jessy Raphael

Why she might be annoying:

    She dated Mark Ballas.
    She has been accused of 'belting' lyrics over stylizing her delivery.
    She sued the producers of the 'Annie' production for wrongful termination after being dropped from the cast of the show.
    After successfully appealing the initial rejection of her case, she settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.
    The uproar surrounding the firing proved a public relations nightmare for the show, causing it to close after less than a year and little over 200 performances.
    The fallout also caused Andrea McArdle to boycott the show's opening night in protest and out of support for Joanna (ironically, McArdle had obtained the role of Annie under eerily similar circumstances, replacing the national tour's star whom she was understudying at the time).
    Her time on 'American Idol' was shadowed by questions about whether her years of recording experience granted her an unfair advantage in a competition meant for strictly-amateur contestants.
    She advanced to the Top 36, but soon after was removed from the lineup over what production cited as having 'very personal connections' to two Los Angeles-based 'Idol' executives, rendering her 'ineligible' (Feb. 2009).

Why she might not be annoying:

    She toured with Sheryl Crow and Nick Lachey.
    Her father was a local Philadelphia barber who let her perform at his shop on Saturdays.
    She beat out over 2,000 girls across four cities for the coveted role of Annie in the 20th Anniversary tour.
    Her firing was considered one of the worst injustices in Broadway history.
    Fans of the musical still overwhelmingly prefer her rendition of 'Annie' over Brittney Kissinger's (who was considered too young for the role even at the time).
    She made guest appearances of MTV's 'First Year' and 'What I Like About You.'
    Her recording career was cut short when Geffen Records underwent budget cuts in 2007.
    She was defended by Kara DioGuardi after being kicked off American Idol.
    She had the potential to be a huge star but was dogged by the bad business decisions of others along with some crazy bad luck.

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