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San Diego, California

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The Resume

    (July 29, 1846- )
    Discovered in 20,000 BC by hunters from Asia following prey
    Became an official US city on July 29, 1846
    Second most populated city in California
    First public school opened in 1865
    First post office opened in 1869
    Home of football's San Diego Chargers (1961) and baseball's San Diego Padres (1968)
    Reached a population of over a million (1990)

Why San Diego, California might be annoying:

    An earthquake destroyed the San Diego Mission Church in 1812.
    The smallpox epidemic killed hundreds of Native Americans and Mexican's in the San Diego area (1862).
    A severe drought hit in 1877.
    Many illegal immigrants migrate from Mexico to San Diego on a daily basis.
    It suffers from floods, earthquakes and fires.
    Vietnamese refugees were temporarily housed at Camp Pendleton, which is right outside of San Diego (1975).

Why San Diego, California might not be annoying:

    The Spanish, Indians and French all fought over it.
    It became the first city 'west of the Mississippi' to set aside land for an urban park, which is now known as Balboa Park.
    Andrew Carnegie donated $60,000 to build San Diego's first public library (1899).
    The plane that Charles Lindbergh used to fly from New York to Paris was built in San Diego (1927).
    It's the home of one of the worlds most famous zoos, the San Diego Zoo and the biggest Sea World.
    One of the Beatles' first American performances was in San Diego (1965).
    It has some amazing sunsets.
    It's a stones throw away from party town Tijuana, Mexico.

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