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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The Resume

    (1872- )
    Dakota Indians established many villages in the area by 1200 AD
    Explored by the French trappers and fur traders during the 1650's
    Known as the 'Twin Cities' with St. Paul
    Separated from St. Paul by the Mississippi River
    Largest city in Minnesota
    Population listed at 382,618 as of the 2000 census
    Home of the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves, the NHL's Minnesota Wild, the MLB's Minnesota Twins and the NFL's Minnesota Vikings

Why Minneapolis, Minnesota might be annoying:

    It goes through a scorching, yet short, summer and brutal winters.
    They cut down so many trees from their North woods that they completely deforested them, causing much, if not all, of the cities lumber operations to abruptly end.
    It's named after the Dakota word for water, 'minne' and the Greek word for city, 'polis.'
    Many Chicago mobsters moved to the area during the 1920's to escape the law.
    Prince was born and raised here.

Why Minneapolis, Minnesota might not be annoying:

    Some of its current and former major industries include lumber, wheat and flour milling.
    They have a team from each of the four major sports.
    It was voted the 6th best place to live in the US in 1997.
    To this day, it still has a strong Native American population.

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