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Why The X Factor might be annoying:

    It is yet another lame karaoke talent show!
    It could be simply billed as the fall season of 'American Idol.'
    It immediately drew comparisons to 'The Voice' to the point that there was a media-created feud between the two programs.
    Judge Cole was briskly replaced by Scherzinger after just two audition rounds, prompting negative publicity by critics.
    In one episode, Seattle hopeful Geo Godley dropped his trousers and wriggled his testicles in front of then-judge Abdul.
    Cowell prematurely boasted that like 'Idol,' this show would attract at least 20 million viewers on average and that anything below was deemed a 'failure.'
    Instead, the program drew a mediocre average of 12.3 million viewers in its first season.

Why The X Factor might not be annoying:

    It reunited Cowell and Abdul after they both left 'Idol.'
    Unlike 'Idol,' anybody at any age can audition.
    Singing groups are also permitted on this show.
    The judges also serve as mentors on the show.

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