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Edmunston, New Brunswick

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The Resume

    (1850- )
    Incorporated as a city (April 1, 1952)
    Located in Madawaska County
    City population is 16,580 (2016 census)
    Metro population is 23,524 (2016 census)
    7th largest city in New Brunswick

Why Edmunston, New Brunswick might be annoying:

    It sounds too close to that of its Western Canadian counterpart, Edmonton.
    It is overshadowed by the likes of Moncton and Saint John.
    It was the focal point of a territorial dispute between the United States and British North America (1839).
    Like most Canadian cities, it has harsh cold winters and hot humid summers.
    Its economy relies heavily on the both the industrial and pulp sectors.
    Its original name was Petit-Sault, prior to being changed to Edmunston during the Colonial era.

Why Edmunston, New Brunswick might not be annoying:

    It is the hub centre of the New Brunswick Panhandle region.
    It is in in close proximity to both the borders of Maine and Quebec.
    It is the third-largest predominantly Francophone city in North America outside of Quebec.
    It is home to a lot of picturesque scenery, due to its location on the Madawaska and Saint John rivers.
    It amalgamated with the communities of Saint-Basile, Saint-Jacques and Verret to form the modern city (1998).
    Similar to Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan, you can take the bridge out of downtown and cross into Madawaska, Maine on the other side of the Saint John River.

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