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Evelyn Wood

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The Resume

    (January 8, 1909-August 26, 1995)
    Name is synonymous with speed-reading
    First book 'Reading Skills' published in 1958
    Taught speed-reading techniques (1959-77)
    Founded the Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Institute in Washington, D.C. (1959)

Why she might be annoying:

    She wrote and directed 'Prepare Ye The Way,' an Aaronic (lower order of the Mormon priesthood) Pageant for the Salt Lake City Tabernacle (1941 & 1947).
    She claimed she could read 15,000 words a minute, with the turning of pages the only thing that kept her from reading faster (showboating braggart).
    Students of her teachings have been called 'Woodites.'
    She stated to her critics, 'Which would you rather do: eat a dish of rice kernel by kernel or take a spoonful to get a good taste?'
    She was fair game for comedic spoofing, including Eddie Murphy on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    She earned a bachelors degree in English (1929) and a masters in speech (1947) from the University of Utah.
    Her methods were endorsed by three U.S. presidents; John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.
    Burt Lancaster was a student of her work.
    At its peak there were over 150 of her schools in the U.S. (1978).
    She was married to the same guy for 58 years, until his death in 1987.
    She had two major strokes (1977 & 1986).
    After her second stroke her health deteriorated for 9 years until she died at age 86 (August 1995).
    Today her institutes offer 600 courses and attract about 20,000 customers annually in the U.S.

Credit: Scar Tactics

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