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Burbank, California

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The Resume

    (July 8, 1911- )
    Population: 107,904 (2007)
    58th largest city in California
    Home to Warner Bros. Studios and The Walt Disney Company
    Nickname is 'Media Capital of the World'

Why he might be annoying:

    Most people outside California have never heard of this city and refer to it as Los Angeles or Hollywood due to its close proximity to both.
    Many people believe that the city is named after scientist Luther Burbank .
    Instead it is named in honor of lesser-known dentist David Burbank.
    Like Los Angeles, Hollwood, and Anaheim, it relies heavily on tourism and entertainment.
    The traffic is a nightmare around its shopping malls.
    John Ritter died at Providence St. Joseph Medical center (the same place where he was born).

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Credit: Birdienest81

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