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John Wayne Glover

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The Resume

    (November 26, 1932-September 9, 2005)
    Born in Midlands, United Kingdom
    Dubbed 'The Granny Killer' and 'The Monster of Mosman'
    Convicted of killing six elderly women in Sydney, Australia

Why he might be annoying:

    He preyed on elderly women.
    He bludgeoned his victims with a hammer, strangled them with their pantyhose, and then robbed them.
    He attempted suicide twice and finally succeeded when he hanged himself in prison.
    Australian police had little information to use because they had never experienced a serial killer like him before.
    He was impotent.
    He was addicted to gambling.
    He had criminal record and a history of violence against women.
    He worked as a pie salesman and molested old women in the nursing homes he solicited.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He moved from England to Australia with only three dollars (thirty shillings) in his possession.
    He had breast cancer.
    He was sentenced to life in prison.
    His case is studied by law enforcement around the world.
    His daughters did not visit him in prison.
    After he married, he lived with his mother-in-law, whom he described as a 'tyrant'; a claim which was confirmed by others.

Credit: Erin

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