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The Resume

    (September 7, 1979- )
    Based out of Bristol, Connecticut
    Stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
    Available in over 77 million homes in the United States
    Signature program is 'SportsCenter'

Why ESPN might be annoying:

    It is owned by the Walt Disney Company.
    There aren't many people who know what ESPN actually stands for.
    Its magazine, ESPN The Magazine, pails in comparison to Sports Illustrated (plus, they don't have a swimsuit issue!).
    Not only did it air a 'soap opera aimed at men' with 'Playmakers,' but it produced a reality TV show where contestants were able to compete against each other for a job as a 'SportsCenter' anchor, 'Dream Job' (2004).
    It wound up cancelling 'Playmakers' after only one season because of pressure it received from the NFL.
    It airs marathons of the 'World Strongest Man' competitions.
    The higher-ups hired Rush Limbaugh!
    Instead of firing Rush Limbaugh for racial comments aimed at Donovan McNabb, they allowed him to resign with some dignity.
    They gave us Craig Kilborn.
    Many of their 'SportsCenter' anchors used run-down, boring jokes during highlights instead of just giving us the information we want.
    It provides meathead jocks with jobs after their careers run dry.

Why ESPN might not be annoying:

    It gives men something to watch in the morning.
    It has a very informative website that is updated hourly.
    It provides, without a doubt, the best sports-related programming on TV.
    It has launched ESPN2, ESPN Radio, ESPNews, ESPN Classic and ESPN Deportes.
    Many sports video games have been created with the 'ESPN' name brand in their name.
    It launched a restaurant, the ESPN Zone, in Baltimore, Maryland (July 11, 1998).
    It produces brilliant documentaries than can span over entire seasons.
    'SportsCenter' aired its 25,000th episode on August 25, 2002.
    It is a mainstay in American pop culture.
    It provides us a look into the personal lives of athletes, like it did with Alex Rodriguez during the 2003 baseball season.

Credit: His Name is Robert, Blossman and Poeboy

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