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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 8, 1966-June 3, 1969)
    Science Fiction TV series of seventy-nine shows
    During its primetime run Star Trek's best annual ranking was 52nd
    Star Trek is loosely based on 'Forbidden Planet (1956)'

Why Star Trek might be annoying:

    The series needed two pilots before being picked up.
    CBS rejected 'Star Trek' saying they already have a sci-fi show 'Lost in Space.'
    The series was cancelled after two years of low ratings.
    People dress up as Star Trek characters, even to get married.
    Some take the series even more seriously, like learning the fake language Klingonese.
    A juror was excused from the O.J. Simpson trial when she dressed in her Star Trek commander's outfit.
    Trekkies look down on the name Trekkie as someone who is an airhead fan of the show and prefer the name Trekkers as someone who studies the science and social implications of 'Star Trek.'
    All these people who wear costumes, make sure they are ornate and of the higher rankings, no one wants to be just a red shirt (low level guy who usually gets killed in the first scene).

Why Star Trek might not be annoying:

    Creator Gene Roddenberry's ideal of the Prime Directive (non interference) was to enjoy each others diversity without harming it, based on the Jewish golden rule (Don't do unto others, that which you would not want done to you).
    Fans really rallied around the show and a letter writing campaign to NBC changed NBC Executive minds reversing a cancellation and giving the series a third season.
    The show's ratings were still low and NBC dropped the show.
    The series went into syndication, and the Trek phenomenon began. The show picked up huge audiences, especially among the desired male 18-35 demographic.
    Its popularity was so great that five TV series spun off, 'Star Trek: the Next Generation, 'Deep Space Nine,' 'Voyager,' 'Enterprise' and 'Star Trek the Animated Series.
    The series spawned almost a dozen movies and countless books.
    Star Trek has become a multi-billion dollar business and added many catch phrases to our language.
    Many NASA astronauts cite Star Trek as the reason why they entered the space program.
    The test Space Shuttle was named Enterprise in honor of 'Star Trek.'
    The transporter was developed as a cheap way of not having to land a spaceship on a planet.
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