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Tarek and Christina El Moussa (Flip or Flop)

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TV Personality

The Resume

    Tarek El Moussa, born in Buena Park, California (October 9, 1978 - )
    Christina Meursinge Haack, born in Anaheim Hills (July 9, 1983 - )
    Co-founded The El Moussa Group, based in Orange County, California (est. 2009)
    Co-hosts on the popular HGTV series 'Flip or Flop' (2013 - )
    Various assorted HGTV projects have included 'Flip or Flop Follow-Up,' 'Flip or Flop Vegas,' 'Flip or Flop Atlanta,' 'Flip or Flop Nashville,' 'Flip or Flop Texas,' and 'Flip or Flop Chicago'
    Shows typically detail them buying homes (usually bank-owned foreclosures) and renovating/reselling the property
    Separated after citing 'challenges in their marriage'; officially filed for divorce in January, 2017

Why they might be annoying:

    Christina cheated on Tarek with a pool contractor while he was rehabilitating from cancer treatment.
    HGTV fans have summed them up as a domineering valley girl and the metrosexual wuss she totally emascualted.
    So basically, what we have here is Jon & Kate minus 6 buying broken down property and 'flipping it.'
    More charitable readings of their partnership are that Christina has most of the design ideas, where Tarek just stands there and 'agrees' (in fact, seems like he's never allowed to design much of anything).
    Its assumed that Tarek does the 'handiwork' half of the team (not unlike the Property Brothers teaming), but he's usually only seen working with tools in a couple shots, indicating that they receive 'a lot of help.'
    For sure, its not Christina doing any of it, judging by how she turns on the heel whenever she sees a dirty bathroom or a nest of woodroaches ('like - um - omigod!')
    They have been accused of cheating their fans by pushing pricey 'how-to' classes which only served to push more expensive products (not even showing up at the seminars).
    At the height of the tabloid circus covering their break-up, they flooded their various social media channels with pictures of themselves showing off their newly-toned 'revenge bods' firing subliminal shots across each other's bows while claiming to 'still be on good terms.'
    Their split was formally announced around the same time that an incident involving police was reported to have occurred six months prior.
    According to the report, Tarek hopped the house-fence wielding a firearm and ran into the woods while Christina sobbed uncontrollably. He denied he was attempting suicide, but was merely attempting to 'blow off steam' (May 23, 2016).

Why they might not be annoying:

    In terms of looks, let's just say they're an extremely photogenic couple.
    They struggled in the early days of the 2008 Recession, selling their cars and sometimes splitting a Subway sandwich for their dinner.
    They also moved out of their $6,000-per-month mortgage home and found a roommate to share a $700-per-month apartment.
    Their show paved the way for a renewed interest in house flipping/home renovation among viewers (which any realtor will tell you is a high-risk business in terms of assets).
    They run their real-estate agency out of Orange County, an area with one of the largest foreclosure rates in the country.
    Midway through season one, their show was nearly cancelled because executives were convinced it would bomb (they raked in 17 million viewers).
    During the first season, a registered nurse noticed a lump on Tarek's neck during an HGTV marathon and notified producers that he needed to have it examined.
    After visiting a doctor, Tarek revealed that he had been diagnosed with Stage-2 thyroid cancer, within a month of the biopsy, within a month he had his thyroid/lymph nodes removed (they later thanked the viewer in a video).
    Their relationship was badly strained by a miscarriage Christina had suffered while eight weeks pregnant (having already twice tried to have children through In Vitro fertilization).
    They made a surprise appearance at the 2017 Emmys to present the News Program award, indicating that their professional partnership on the show would continue to be amiable/civil, even if they were married. Christine was also reported to have dumped the contractor she was cheating with.

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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