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Jimmy Olander

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The Resume

    (August 26, 1961- )
    Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Lead guitarist and banjo player for Diamond Rio
    Recorded 'Meet In The Middle',' 'Mirror, Mirror,' 'Norma Jean Riley,' 'In A Week Or Two,' 'This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet,' 'Love A Little Stronger,' 'Bubba Hyde,' 'Walkin' Away,' 'It's All In Your Head,' 'How Your Love Makes Me Feel,' 'Unbelievable,' 'One More Day' and 'I Believe' with Diamond Rio
    Recorded the albums 'Diamond Rio (1991),' 'Close To The Edge (1992),' 'Love A Little Stronger (1994),' 'IV (1996),' 'Greatest Hits (1997),' 'Unbelievable (1998),' 'One More Day (2001),' 'Completely (2002)' and 'Greatest Hits, Volume 2 (2006)' with Diamond Rio

Why he might be annoying:

    He looks older then he actually is.
    Like the majority of his bandmates, he sported a mullet in the 1990's.
    He switched from playing the banjo to the guitar, after he found out guitar players were in demand.
    He idolized his future bandmate Gene Johnson as a child.
    He enjoys sky diving in his spare time.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He originally learned to play the banjo, before switching to the guitar.
    He worked at Opryland USA, where in turn he crossed paths with his future bandmates Marty Roe and Dan Truman.
    His guitar solos gave Diamond Rio a unique sound.
    He overcame a cancer scare, when he was found to have a lemon-sized tumor near his esophagus, prior to the group's mainstream break.
    He helped co-write Kenny Chesney's 2006 single 'If I Lost It.'

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