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Sean Penn

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The Resume

    (August 17, 1960- )
    Starred in 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High,' 'The Thin Red Line,' 'U-Turn,' 'Dead Man Walking,' 'Carlito's Way,' 'I Am Sam,' 'Mystic River,' '21 Grams,' 'The Interpreter,' 'Into The Wild,' 'Milk' and 'Gangster Squad'

Why he might be annoying:

    He punched a photographer.
    He was placed in prison for a month after hitting an extra.
    He publicly insulted Nicolas Cage by saying he is no longer an actor, merely a performer.
    He has a 'Madonna' tattoo.
    He smokes.
    His sex scene with Michelle Pfeiffer in 'I Am Sam,' a movie where he plays a mentally retarded man, was cut from the movie because it might be too disturbing for audiences to watch (January, 2002).
    He decided to go to Iraq, an enemy of the U.S. on a self authorized fact finding mission (December 2002).
    He abused Madonna.
    He did a secret interview with drug lord 'El Chapo' for Rolling Stone; the interview might have tipped Mexican authorities off to El Chapo's location, ultimately resulting in El Chapo's January 2016 capture.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He married Robin Wright and Madonna.
    He dated Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson and Jewel.
    He ranked #76, in Empire Magazine's Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time.
    He won the 2003 Academy Award for best Actor (February 29, 2004).
    He aided victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake.

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