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Airline Carrier

The Resume

    (November 16, 1920- )
    Born in Winton, Queensland, Australia
    Name stands for Queensland and Northern Territories Air Service
    Nationalized by Australia after World War II
    Privatized in 1993

Why Qantas might be annoying:

    Its name is pronounced 'Kwantas' as if it begins with a 'Qu,' but it doesn't.
    Its frequent flyer program was criticized by the Australian Consumer Commission, which ordered greater disclosure to members concerning seat availability (2004).
    It had a policy of not seating adult males next to unaccompanied children, leading to accusations that the airliner treated all men like potential pedophiles.
    Despite what those lying bastards in 'Rain Man' told you, Qantas has had fatal airplane crashes.

Why Qantas might not be annoying:

    As of the end of 2008, it had not had a fatal accident since 1951.
    It was the first airline to introduce business class (1979).
    Two of its aircraft are painted in Australian aboriginal designs and it has sponsored several aboriginal artists.
    Skytrax rated it as one of the five best airlines in the world five consecutive years (2004-08).

Credit: C. Fishel

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