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The Resume

    (1994- )
    Founded in Greenville, Texas
    Contemporary Christian music, indie rock band
    Bart Millard - vocals (1994–present)
    Nathan Cochran - bass guitar (1994–present)
    Michael John Scheuchzer - guitars (1994–present)
    Robin Troy 'Robby' Shaffer - drums (1994–present)
    Barry Graul - guitars (2003–present)
    James Phillip 'Jim' Bryson - keyboards (1994-2014)
    Released six independent albums prior to signing with INO Records in 2001
    Albums include 'Almost There' (2001), Spoken For (2002), 'Undone' (2003), 'The Christmas Sessions' (2004), 'Coming Up To Breathe' (2005), 'All That is Within Me' (2007), 'Coming Up To Breathe: Acoustic' (2008), '10' (2009), 'The Generous Mr. Lovewell' (2010), 'The Worship Sessions' (2011), 'The Hurt & The Healer' (2012), and 'Welcome to the New' (2014)
    Best known for their first mainstream crossover single, 'I Can Only Imagine,' which elevated their debut album to double platinum certification
    Other popular singles include 'Word of God Speak,' 'Here With Me,' 'God With Us,' 'You Reign,' 'In the Blink of an Eye,' and 'Bring the Rain'

Why MercyMe might be annoying:

    For some reason, they formed their name by forcing two words together to make a single word.
    CCM Magazine nicknamed them ‘the little band that could.’
    They claimed to have gotten funny looks for walking out of their limo to get milkshakes at a McDonalds.
    Their name came from a phrase Bart’s grandma used to chide them with, ‘well, mercy me! get a real job!’
    The running joke was that it served as a reminder that ‘one day they would have to get one.'
    When rain threatened to cancel an outdoor event they were booked to perform at, they were asked to use their ‘hotline to God' to perform a meteorological miracle with.
    They replied that they’d see what they could do after they realized it wasn't a joke (the rain continued unabated).
    Their tour bus was involved in a road accident, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after it collided into an oncoming vehicle, killing two passengers of the car and the unborn baby of the vehicle's driver. Outrage ensued over their failing to contact the family of the deceased (Aug. 8, 2009).

Why MercyMe might not be annoying:

    They have toured with Amy Grant, Bebo Norman, and Brandon Heath.
    They have won 8 Dove Awards and have garnered several Grammy Award nominations in assorted Christian categories.
    They had 13 consecutive top 5 singles on the Billboard Christian Songs chart, with 7 of them reaching No. 1.
    The occupations they variously held before forming the band were jobs at Lowes, Blockbuster, Red Lobster, and even a sewage treatment plant.
    Their first hit single is humbling in its power; across the religious divide, who among us really knows what we'll say when we meet our creator?
    They succeeded in 'crossing over' by releasing a rock-oriented grunge-themed album in 2006.
    They played at a benefit concert at Belmont University for the victims affected by the Southeast Asian Tsunami in 2005.
    They conducted a tour in partnership with Compassion International and Imagine A Cure, in 2009, to raise money to help people with medical needs around the world, especially children diagnosed with diabetes.
    They were deemed to be 'not at fault' in the 2009 road accident, when it was determined that the wrecked vehicle had taken a left turn on red light.
    Reports of their alleged silence after the crash were also greatly exaggerated. They did, in fact, release a statement wishing condolences to the injured victims and their families.
    They received a fan letter from a prison guard after 'I Can Only Imagine' aired on a cell-block radio turned to a soft-rock station.
    The guard wrote that, walking past the cells as the song played, he found the convicts had an emotional reaction to the song (some on their knees worshiping, some weeping, some just in awe).

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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