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TV Network

The Resume

    (December 17, 1976- )
    Owned by Turner Broadcasting System (TimeWarner)
    Programs include 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne,' 'NBA on TBS,' 'Down to Earth' and 'My Boys'

Why TBS (TV Network) might be annoying:

    It is an entity owned by Ted Turner.
    For 20 twenty years, it was affiliated with Atlanta TV station WTBS.
    However in 2007, the cable network (TBS) cut ties with WTBS when they switched affiliation from CW to an independent network.
    They heavily air reruns of ' Family Guy'.

Why TBS (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    They aired sports programming from the NBA to NASCAR.
    Rather than starting typical airtimes at the start of the hour or half hour, they utilized Turner Time by airing show starting at :05 or :35.
    They aired a program called '17 Update Early in the Morning' which was similar to ' Daily Show.'
    They air the 1983 Christmas classic 'A Christmas Story' every December 25.

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