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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 8, 2007-November 23, 2012)
    Airs on Nickelodeon
    Stars Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Cress, Jennette McCurdy, Mary Scheer and Reed Alexander
    Premise: a girl named Carly creates her own web show called iCarly with her best friends

Why ICarly might be annoying:

    Carly's older brother Spencer almost killed his sister with a hammer when he made a fan of hammers.
    Carly smiles too much, even in sad conflicts.
    Freddie's room number is 8=D.
    The actual iCarly website is not as funny as the show.
    Sam always uses the term 'Chiz.'
    Sam (Carly's best friend) has anger issues.
    Every episode has 'i' at the beginning, as if Steve Jobs made the show.

Why ICarly might not be annoying:

    The show is really funny and has original humor.
    The characters are so obnoxious they are funny.
    According to Nickelodeon, it is the 'first scripted series that will incorporate kid-created original content.'

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