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Sergei Makarov

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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (June 19, 1958- )
    Played for Calgary Flames (1989-93), San Jose Sharks (1993-95) and Dallas Stars (1996)
    Calder Trophy Winner (1990)

Why he might be annoying:

    He won the Calder Trophy when he was 31 years old (1990).
    He screwed future stars Mike Modano and Rod Brind'Amour out of winning the award.
    He wasn't truly a rookie as he had played mainly in international competition during his prime years.
    He retired after 2 games with the Stars (1996).

Why he might not be annoying:

    After he won the Calder Trophy, the NHL put an age restriction on rookie eligibility.
    He was one third of the 'KLM' line which consisted of himself, Vladimir Krutov and Igor Larionov.
    He had a successful international career which consisted of eleven Soviet League championships and two gold medals in Olympic competition.
    He was a dynamic scorer who won the Soviet League MVP award eight times.
    He had the most success in the NHL out of the three 'KLM Line' players.

Credit: Ricky

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