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The Resume

    (February 1, -February 29, )
    Second month of the year
    28 or 29 days
    Named for Februus (Etruscan god of death) and Februarius (Latin for purification)
    Birth flower: Viola and Iris
    Birthstone: Amethyst
    Black History Month
    Astrological sign is Aquarius and Pisces

Why February might be annoying:

    It was considered to be the end of the year.
    On early calendars, it only contained 24 days.
    It is the shortest month.
    It gives you the least amount of time to accumulate money to pay your monthly bills.
    It is the only month that changes its length.
    Under the Gregorian calender, leap years do not occur every 4 years. Leap years do not occur in years ending in 00 unless divisible by 400 with a zero remainder (1800, 1900, 2100, etc are not leap years).
    It is the only month that may not have to have a full moon.
    Because the first 'r' is not pronounced, people often misspell it.
    Along with January, it did not exist prior to circa 713 B.C.E. as they were just part of winter.

Why February might not be annoying:

    Women can traditionally propose marriage on leap day.
    It contains Valentine's Day and Groundhog's Day.
    When there is a leap year, it signifies there will be the summer Olympics and US presidential election.
    It is usually when the winter Olympics are held.
    Baseball spring training begins.
    When it only contains 28 days, it has the same day format as March and November.
    Because it is the birth month of Washington and Lincoln, Americans honor them with Presidents Day (third Monday).

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