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Mae Busch

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The Resume

    (circa June 18, 1891-April 20, 1946)
    Born in Melbourne, Australia
    Birth name is Annie May Busch
    Emigrated with her parents to the US at age nine
    Acted in ‘The Water Nymph’ (1912), ‘Foolish Wives’ (1922), ‘The Unholy Three’ (1925) and ‘The Bohemian Girl’ (1936)

Why she might be annoying:

    She seduced her friend Mabel Normand's fiancé, Mack Sennett (and threw a vase at Mabel when caught in the act).
    She lied about being able to swim to get a role and injured herself during filming.
    She starred in some of Erich Von Stroheim's rather kinky films.
    She said, 'I never ask men any questions because I know they never tell the truth.'
    She spent her wealth recklessly and was broke by age 38.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her parents virtually abandoned her in a convent after arriving in the US.
    She was nicknamed ‘the versatile vamp’ because of her in skill in both comic and dramatic parts.
    Mental illness led to break her contract with MGM, seriously hurting her career.
    She revived her career in the 1930s when she played a nagging wife in several ‘Laurel and Hardy’ films.
    Her cremated remains were abandoned in a cardboard box at the Motion Picture Country Home Hospital for over 20 years.
    Mabel Normand forgave her.

Credit: Georgina

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