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Clarence Gilyard

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The Resume

    (December 24, 1955-November 2022)
    Appeared on 'CHiPs,' (1982-1983) 'Matlock' (1989-1993), and 'Walker, Texas Ranger' (1993-2001)
    Appeared in the films ‘Die Hard,' ‘The Karate Kid: Part II,' ‘Off the Mark,' ‘Top Gun,' and ‘Left Behind'

Why he might be annoying:

    Even though he was Chuck Norris' co-star on 'Walker, Texas Ranger,' for its entire run, he had a small, meaningless role in the 'Walker' movie.
    He has been divorced.
    He attended three different colleges before getting his masters.
    He gets little acting work outside of action films.
    He is a fan of country music.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He got his role on 'Walker, Texas Ranger' because he actually is a cowboy, and he competes in celebrity rodeos.
    He returned to college in 2003 to get his masters degree.
    He is skilled in martial arts.
    His dad appeared with him on a couple episodes of ‘Walker, Texas Ranger.'
    He grew up in a military family, and attended the Air Force Academy.

Credit: Rocky

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