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Cenk Uyger

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The Resume

    (March 21, 1970- )
    Born in Istanbul, Turkey
    Host of 'The Young Turks' on Air America

Why he might be annoying:

    He is angry almost all the time.
    He tried to sue Stephen Colbert for $65 million for allegedly stealing one of his jokes.
    Not only did he want to sue Colbert but he also said he would go after Jon Stewart , Comedy Central and MTV.
    It was never made clear whether the Stephen Colbert thing was a joke or if it was serious.
    He is a hard core Republican turned hard core Democrat.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He calls out people for idiotic remarks.
    His youtube channel receives about 3 million hits per month.
    His show's motto is 'We don't make the news, we make the news sexy.'
    He is passionate and energetic.
    He is equally critical of both political parties.

Credit: Jack Magic

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Year In Review:

    For 2023, as of last week, Out of 2 Votes: 100% Annoying
    In 2022, Out of 526 Votes: 56.84% Annoying
    In 2021, Out of 22 Votes: 100% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 225 Votes: 52.89% Annoying
    In 2019, Out of 394 Votes: 46.95% Annoying
    In 2018, Out of 27 Votes: 51.85% Annoying
    In 2017, Out of 10 Votes: 60.0% Annoying
    In 2016, Out of 4 Votes: 100% Annoying
    In 2015, Out of 6 Votes: 66.67% Annoying
    In 2014, Out of 74 Votes: 54.05% Annoying
    In 2013, Out of 30 Votes: 60.0% Annoying
    In 2012, Out of 25 Votes: 64.00% Annoying
    In 2011, Out of 31 Votes: 74.19% Annoying
    In 2010, Out of 23 Votes: 69.57% Annoying
    In 2009, Out of 47 Votes: 74.47% Annoying
    In 2008, Out of 26 Votes: 57.69% Annoying