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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

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TV Series

The Resume

    (April 27, 2014- )
    Aired on HBO
    Hosted by John Oliver
    Announcer: David Kaye
    Premise: Weekly talk show highlighting the week in politics, news, and pop culture

Why Last Week Tonight with John Oliver might be annoying:

    This feels like a rehash of Oliver's 2013 summer stint of The Daily Show.'
    Unlike the 'Daily Show,' there are no correspondents and very few guests.
    Every show begins with images relating to it or the world at large with satirical captions written in dog Latin.
    Oliver always uses the phrase 'And now this...'.

Why Last Week Tonight with John Oliver might not be annoying:

    The show's theme song is 'Go' by Valley Lodge.
    It has covered a wide range of topics including the tobacco industry, net neutrality, whitewashing and the lack of diversity in Hollywood, and even elections outside the US.
    It provides 'The Walking Dead' and 'Game of Thrones' viewers something to watch afterwards.
    The show has received numerous accolades and critical praise.

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