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The Resume

    (November 15, 1926- )
    Short for National Broadcasting Company
    Owned by NBC Universal (which is 80% owned by General Electric)
    First network to introduce regular television broadcasts (1939)
    Shows include 'E.R.,' 'Law and Order,' 'Seinfeld,' 'Friends,' 'Frasier,' 'Cheers,' 'The Cosby Show' and 'Hill Street Blues'
    Current late night shows hosted by Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Carson Daly
    News anchored by Brian Williams (December 2004- ); Tom Brokaw (before then)
    Nicknamed 'The Peacock Network'
    Flagship station is WNBC-4 in New York City

Why NBC (TV Network) might be annoying:

    It was ruled a broadcasting monopoly in the early 1940's and forced to split into two companies. One of them became ABC.
    It spun off news networks MSNBC and CNBC.
    It has confused viewers by having endless versions of 'Law and Order.'
    It kept using the 'Must See TV' slogan when its Thursday programming became far from it.
    It scraped its Saturday morning cartoon lineup in favor of a lineup that featured 'Saved By The Bell' and its clones.
    Its 'Dateline NBC' got in trouble with its false report on exploding cars.
    It bungled the whole 'Jay Leno succeeding Johnny Carson' thing, causing David Letterman to be pissed at NBC to this day.
    Throughout its history, it has altered its peacock logo several times.
    The notes of its famous three-note chimes are 'G-E-C,' not 'N-B-C.' Not only is the second note not 'B,' but also the musical note 'N' doesn't exist.
    During the 70's it developed a 'N' logo that cost them a fortune. They had to quickly scrap as it was almost identical to the Nebraska Educational TV logo. They settled with NETV by giving them a remote video truck in exchange to use the logo.
    They interrupted a Jets-Raiders football game to show 'Heidi' missing out on one of the most incredible comebacks in football history.
    They were the first network to drop from first to fourth place (2004-05).

Why NBC (TV Network) might not be annoying:

    It created early morning talk shows with 'Today' and late night with 'Tonight.'
    The Tonight Show was hosted for over forty years by Steve Allen, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.
    Home of Huntley and Brinkley and 'Meet the Press.'
    It is the oldest of the major American television networks.
    Its three-note chimes were the first ever audio trademark accepted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
    At one time, its Thursday night programming really was 'Must See TV' with great shows such as 'The Cosby Show,' 'Cheers,' 'Hill Street Blues' and 'LA Law.'
    Its peacock logo is obviously the most colorful of the major network logos.
    It has the American television rights to show every Olympic Games until 2008.
    Form 1954 to 1964 they were the leading broadcaster of color television.
    Credit: Hoxy
    Slogans - (Thanks to Wikipedia):
    1969 - We're Alive in the Air
    1970 - America Watch Us First
    1971 - First in America
    1972 - Always First in America
    1973 - Come and See NBC
    1974 - Better Than Ever
    1975 - You're Gonna Like it A Lot!
    1976 - The Network of America
    1978 - NBC Us
    1979 - Proud as a Peacock
    1981 - Our Pride is Showing
    1982 - We're NBC, Just Watch Us Now
    1983 - Be There
    1984 - Let's All Be There
    1987 - Come Home to NBC
    1988 - Come Home to the Best... Only on NBC
    1990 - The Place to Be
    1991 - Let's Watch a New NBC
    1992 - NBC is Only One
    1993 - Just Turn Us on NBC
    1996 - The Network is You
    1997 - I Love NBC
    1999 - It's Only NBC
    2000 - In the Heart of America
    2002 - Enjoy the Best Moments
    2003 - Always with You

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