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The Resume

    (1963- )
    Ann Wilson (vocalists, June 19, 1950- )
    Nancy Wilson (guitar/flute, March 16, 1954- )
    Howard Leese
    Roger Fisher
    Michael Derosier
    Steve Fossen
    Mark Andies
    Denny Carmassi
    Sisters Ann and Nancy fronted the group
    Recorded 'Crazy On You,' 'Magic Man,' 'Dreamboat Annie,' 'Heartless,' 'Devil's Delight,' 'Little Queen,' 'Barracuda,' 'Love Alive,' 'Kick It Out,' 'Straight On,' 'Dog & Butterfly,' 'Even It Up,' 'Bebe Le Strange,' 'Tell It Like It Is,' 'This Man Is Mine,' 'How Can I Refuse,' 'What About Love?,' 'Never,' 'These Dreams' 'Nothin' At All,' 'Alone,' 'Who Will You Run To,' 'There's The Girl,' 'All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You,' 'I Didn't Want To Need You' and 'Stranded'

Why they might be annoying:

    Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher and Mike Fisher grouped together as 'Army' which became 'White Heart' and finally 'Heart.'
    The group saw no success until Ann and then Nancy joined (1974).
    Both sisters were romantically linked to bandmate Mike Fisher.
    They were embroiled in legal problems when they jumped to Portrait Records in 1977 when Canadian Mushroom records issue an unofficial and unfinished LP 'Magazine' (1978).
    From 1978 to 1993, The Wilson sisters kept leaving and returning to Heart.
    Ann's weight fluctuated all during her Heart career until she finally decided to just be fat.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They based in Seattle before the Seattle Grunge sound hit.
    They were women rockers in predominantly a male dominated field.
    After a few albums did not fulfill expectations they were all but given up on.They then signed with Capital and released a five million selling album (1985). 1982's 'Private Audition' and 1983's 'Passionwerks' slumped, the group was largely written off by industry watchers, and they moved to Capitol Records. In 1985, Heart emerged with a self-titled effort which ultimately sold more than five million copies on its way to launching four Top Ten hits.
    They earned many multi-platinum records.
    Research: Tim Howard

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