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The Boston Pops Orchestra

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The Resume

    (1885- )
    Born in Boston, Massachusetts
    Subsection of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
    Conducted by Arthur Fiedler (1930-79), John Williams (1980- ) and Keith Lockhart (1995- )
    Appear in the PBS series 'An Evening at Pops' (1970- )

Why they might be annoying:

    Critics complain that they water down the classics.
    They did not have a permanent conductor until 1930.
    When John Williams became their conductor, they added his scores for the 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' films to their repertoire.
    Their guest conductors have ranged from Bobby McFerrin to Big Bird.

Why they might not be annoying:

    To bring classical music to a wider audience, they perform many free concerts.
    Fiedler said, 'We play all kinds of music, except the boring kind.'
    They are the most commercially successful orchestra, making over $50 million in record sales.
    Their annual Fourth of July concerts are an Independence Day tradition.

Credit: C. Fishel

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