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Halifax, Nova Scotia

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The Resume

    (July 9, 1749- )
    Capital city of Nova Scotia
    Founded by Gen. Edward Cornwallis
    Population is 360,000 (2001)
    Home of QMJHL's Halifax Mooseheads
    Hosted the 2000 Memorial Cup, 2003 World Jr. Hockey Cup Championship, 2006 Juno Awards and will host the Commonwealth Games in 2014.
    Notable celebrities include Sarah McLachlan, Denny Doherty, Holly Cole, Sidney Crosby and Mike Smith

Why Halifax, Nova Scotia might be annoying:

    The sole purpose for the city being built was to be a fort for the people who came from New England.
    It amalgamated with neighboring Dartmouth in 1996, many people refer to it as Halifax-Dartmouth when the proper term to use is 'Halifax Regional Municipality.'
    It has a lot of unpredictable weather.
    The 'Halifax Explosion' of 1917 destroyed half of the city and killed 2000 people.
    Most of the city is slanted and on hills, which makes driving difficult.
    The CFL's 'Atlantic Schooners' were located here, but they folded before they even took a snap due to lack of finances.

Why Halifax, Nova Scotia might not be annoying:

    It is a major shipping port city that ships goods to both Canada and the United States.
    The Halifax Mooseheads were the QMJHL's first expansion team not based in Quebec and it paved the way for the league to expand into all of the Atlantic provinces.
    It is home to a lot of beautiful waterfront scenery.
    Canadian cult series Trailer Park Boys is filmed here.
    It's one of the most historic cities in the Maritimes.
    The CFL is making a commitment to bringing a franchise back here.

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