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Nick Viall

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TV Reality Show Contestant

The Resume

    (September 20, 1980- )
    Birth name is Nicholas Viall
    Software sales executive
    Resident of Chicago, Illinois (formerly Waukesha, Wisconsin)
    Rare back-to-back contestant on The Bachelorette
    Two-time runner up, on Bachelorette Seasons 10 and 11 (2014-2015)
    Unofficially released from the competition before the Final Rose Ceremony by Bachelorette Andi Dorfman, during Week 12 in the Dominican Republic, who stated that she didn't feel comfortable having him go forward when she already had made her decision (Jul. 24, 2014)
    Brought onto the 11th Season of The Bachelorette after meeting with Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Week 4 Group Date in New York City (Jun. 8, 2015)
    Eliminated in the Week 10 Final Rose Ceremony before getting down on one-knee to propose to Bristowe, who also admitted to being in love with the opposing candidate; Shawn Booth (Jul. 27, 2015)

Why he might be annoying:

    He threads his eyebrows.
    He is a perpetual 'injustice collector.' And a passive aggressive one at that.
    When asked what the 'most romantic present' he ever received was, he replied '100 reasons why they love me. It was genius!'
    His inserting himself into Season 11 led to accusations of his being a 'fame whore.'
    Some Bachelor Nation junkies are convinced that he is the producers' bought-and-paid for 'villain' for the franchise.
    He seemed legitimately perplexed as to why the other contestants would object to his coming onto the show mid-Season with the advantage of having known Kaitlyn Bristowe prior to doing so.
    He and Kaitlyn Bristowe set off a heated backlash from fans when they made love before the show’s customary 'Fantasy Suite' dates.
    He had previously attained notoriety for airing his and Andi's dirty laundry about the sex they had in the Fantasy Suite during the Bachelor Tell All segment, describing it 'fiancée type stuff.'
    He then had the audacity to pretend that HE was the one who had been humiliated, going on to publicly trash Andi in subsequent interviews. That got him labelled 'classless' and 'disrespectful' by Season 10 winner, Josh Murray.
    He proceeded to pull the same stunt with Kaitlyn when she passed him over in the 'final rose' ceremony, nonchalantly shaming her for 'leading him on' while she tearfully crumbled in front of him.
    He dropped a bomb during his overnight date with Kaitlyn when he claimed that Shawn Booth had bragged to him about being 'eskimo brothers' with an unnamed country singer (which led to two viscerally angry confrontations which took place in each of their suites).
    Through all of this, a good portion of Bachelor Nation fan base was content to take his side, for the most part, instead blaming the two 'Bachelorettes' for bringing it on themselves. Many such comments revealed an almost misogynistic level of slut shaming (cyberbullying that won't even bear repeating).
    He was lampooned mercilessly on social media for being a two-time Bachelorette loser; taking ribbing from Bachelor alums like Dorfman's ex-fiancé, Josh Murray, who mockingly tweeted 'welp, let's see who the next Bachelorette is! Third time's always the charm, you got this bud!' (Shawn Booth retweeted - and later deleted - the potshot).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is the second oldest of eleven siblings.
    As a senior at Waukesha North High School, he won in the 800-meter dash at the 1999 State WIAA Track And Field Championship.
    He received the First Impression Rose from Andi in his first season.
    More valid arguments defending Viall were that if Andi/Kaitlyn had been men they would have been attacked by feminists.
    A photo of him at a restaurant with Bachelor Season 20 winner, Whitney Bischoff, was circulated before the end of his second season. More likely than not it was wholly innocent, but gossip sites had a field day (luckily for him, her engagement to Chris Soules was on its last legs, otherwise Prince Faming would have kicked the crap out of him).
    He lost to a guy who consented to strip down and play golf nude on a dare from Kaitlyn (now he knows what will seal it for him the third time around...)
    Chris Harrison orchestrated a sit-down between him and Shawn Booth to reconcile during an 'After the Rose' segment, in which they appeared to make amends.
    Whatever tension or ill will that may have existed between him and Bristowe/Booth appears to have been resolved, at least judging by their public Twitter pages, which shows them active in the Movember Foundation charity for cancer research, together.
    The 'After the Final Rose' production staff pulled a cheap fake-out trick with viewers when they promised to return from their commercial break with the Season 21 Bachelor.
    When they returned from commercial, Chris Harrison had brought on Nick Viall to discuss 'life after the final rose,' leading some to mistakenly conclude that he had been chosen over the actual Bachelor, Ben Higgins (either leaving fans deeply disappointed or relieved, depending on where they stood on the subject of 'Nick as the next Bachelor').

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