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Ryan Zinke

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The Resume

    (November 1, 1961- )
    Born in Bozeman, Montana
    Montana State Senator (2009-13)
    US Representative from Montana (2015-17)
    52nd Secretary of the Interior (assumed office March 1, 2017)

Why he might be annoying:

    He formed a super PAC to support Mitt Romney 2012 Presidential campaign that funneled $28,258 to a company he owned for consulting expenses.
    He called Hilary Rodham Clinton ‘the Anti-Christ.’ (2014)
    As a state senator, he signed a letter to President Obama and Congress calling for ‘comprehensive climate change legislation’; running for Congress, he said global warming ‘is not proven science.’
    He chartered a plane to fly him from Las Vegas (where he gave a motivational speech to the Golden Knights, who just happen to be owned by one of his biggest campaign contributors) to his home in Montana, charging taxpayers $12,000. (A commercial flight would have cost $300.)

Why he might not be annoying:

    He earned a football scholarship to the University of Oregon.
    He was a US Navy Seal who served in Iraq, where he earned two Bronze Stars and four Meritorious Service Medals.
    He did say of global warming ‘It’ not a hoax’ and conceded that human activities ‘influence’ the climate, which by current Republican standards is almost in ‘tree-hugging radical’ territory.
    He rode on horseback to his swearing-in as Interior Secretary.

Credit: C. Fishel

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